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Apple is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California that
designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. Leading up
to the launch of the iPhone 7, Apple worked with digital agency Critical Mass to redesign the experience
of buying products on Apple.com, in-store and on the Apple Store App.  


Design Challenge

There were several points that the team at Apple wanted to address in the redesign of the Apple.com
retail experience. The previous check-out experience was inconsistent across products, and felt outdated.
The team wanted a more intuitive and easy to use experience – allowing users to feel a more clear sense of
progression as they made decisions and to better communicate the options available to them every step
of the way, while retaining Apple's modern presence and giving their products more prominence.  



The team at Critical Mass began the process gathering inspiration and doing "blue sky" design explorations.
Working side by side with art directors at Apple these explorations were refined and like-minded designs were
grouped together into "buckets" - through continued iteration those buckets turned into three distant
directions to design against. Working with wireframes created by the UX team, the visual team continued to
iterate on content, typography, composition, and color while concepting interface interactions in Principle
prototypes across desktop, mobile and the Apple Store App.

Design Iterations - Mobile

Through continued review the design was narrowed to a single direction. That design was refined even
further in response to findings from user interactions post launch.

As part of the Critical Mass team my responsibilities were design exploration, iteration, prototyping and
execution of final desktop and mobile designs.


Design Iterations - Desktop



The deep collaborative nature of this project and working in such a large team was a new experience for me. One that allowed feeding off of each others work in a way that often left me inspired and that made everyone's work better. While I was also able to explore innovating within the constraints of an already well defined aesthetic. The extensive review process also allowed me to consider many details and use cases that I may have otherwise missed.

Final Design - Web


Final Design - Apple Store App